Keep your family healthy with the power of your microbiome!

Microbiome dysbiosis can have drastic effects on both mother and child in the conception, pregnancy and post pregnancy phases. We help you analyze and optimize your microbiome to help boost fertility, experience a healthy pregnancy and maintain the physical and mental health of you and your child postpartum.
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What is the microbiome?

The microbiome refers to the diverse community of microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other microbes, that inhabit various parts of the human body and play a crucial role in maintaining health.

The gut microbiome, located in the digestive tract, is particularly well-studied, but microbiomes exist on the skin, in the mouth, and in other mucosal surfaces as well.

Rescuing the human microbiome starts with women because we're affecting and influencing the health of our baby before they're even conceived


Before you even conceive your microbiome is affecting your fertility, the quality of your eggs and your overall health which will all have an impact on your baby.

During pregnancy

Microbiome dysbiosis during pregnancy can have significant impacts on your unborn baby's health and can even lead to miscarriage.

During birth

Our baby's get their first microbiome from their mother in childbirth when they pass through the birth canal so it's important to ensure we have a stable microbiome at this point.


Once our baby is out in the world, our microbiome work doesn't stop there! We continue to impact our children's microbiome through our breastmilk, formula and environment.

What is Rejuven and how does it work?

Rejuven is a holistic platform that aims to empower women to recover and optimize their, and their family's, health through detailed analysis and personalized nutrition, environmental and supplementation insights and recommendations.

While our process is tailored for women and their children, the reality is anyone can benefit from our platform. Also, missing a step in the suggested process simply reduces the level of personalization we can offer throughout the platform but doesn't negate a lot of the benefits that can be achieved.

Step 1: Testing

The first step in our suggested process is to take our microbiome and genomic tests. These allow us to know about both the microbes living inside you and the environment in which they live (i.e. you!). Rejuven is the only platform in the world that combines microbiome data with genomic data to develop a holistic view of you microbiome health.

Step 2: Analysis and Insights

Once we've received your tests we will analyze the results and deliver them to you directly on our platform. We will also be able to more precisely identify your Rejuven Genotype and personalize the entire platform to you including insights, recommendations, content, access to communities and much more.

Step 3: Action

Once you've got access to your results and insights it's time for you to take action in implementing some of the recommended changes into your life. It's important to note that we will never recommend anything pharmaceutical. We, as medical practitioners, fully understand the value of antibiotics but we are not a medical or prescription service. We are purely focused on natural methods for recovering health and preventing ill health in the future.

Step 4: Results

There are two sure ways to identify the benefits of the work you're doing on your microbiome. The first is to feel the difference. You should feel more energy, you should feel less inflamed, you should feel your mood boosted and if you're pregnant or trying to get pregnant you should hopefully see positive results in terms of egg quality or baby health in your checkups. The other way to identify the benefits is to retest your microbiome every 3 to 6 months and see the changes in the composition and stability of you, or your baby's, microbiome.

Recovering your microbiome is a crucial step on your pregnancy journey as it not only helps to ensure a healthy pregnancy but it can also help before and after pregnancy by boosting fertility and improving the health of your child postpartum.

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Our Mission

Rejuven's mission is to rescue the human microbiome.

Communities and countries, and ultimately the world, are only as strong as the health of their women.

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